basic rules of fivem roleplay

The Basic Rules GTA V RP Roleplay Servers

Most of the GTA 5 RP servers that are intended for serious roleplaying have some strict rules that players must abide by.

GTA 5 RP’s rapid growth in popularity has led to many new players joining the RP servers. Often, a player might want to join the same server as their favorite streamer, whereas some may just want to join and roleplay with their friends instead. New streamers looking to get more followers might also want to play GTA 5 RP to take advantage of the trend.

Before joining a particular server, players must read the list of rules for that server, which are usually quite long and stringent. Popular streamers and even veterans of GTA 5 RP have often been banned for flouting one or more of these rules, which goes to show how strict these are and how the servers uphold them.

basic rules of gtav rp
FiveM Roleplay

While each server has a different set of rules made to fit their theme, setting, or purpose of play, there are a few universally accepted rules common to most popular heavy roleplaying servers.

Note: This article is subjective.

What are the important rules in GTA 5 RP?

1) No OOC Moments

One of the basic aspects of roleplaying is to play the part of the character that the player is controlling. This character can be made to have a personality, backstory, and some distinctive traits which make them stand out.

The important thing is to not go out of character (called OOC in the GTA 5 RP servers) and do or say something the character is not supposed to. However, streamers are often caught OOC as maintaining character at all times is quite a difficult thing.

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2) No Powergaming

Powergaming refers to doing something in-game that a player could not do in real life. This is another example of breaking the roleplaying aspect of the game that is obviously not allowed.

Just as players are expected to stay in character all the time, they are only supposed to do what their character can realistically do in-game. In other words, the player’s character is distinct from the player. And unlike the player, the character is not supposed to be aware that it is a video game they are in.

3) No Metagaming

Just as players aren’t allowed to do anything their characters wouldn’t be able to, they are forbidden to discuss anything that their character isn’t supposed to know. This includes giving out in-game information through any OOC means. For example, a few streamers have been caught relaying information gathered through chat, which their character wasn’t supposed to know.

4) No Deathmatching

Any video game with guns in it is bound to have deathmatches as a gameplay feature. However, it is common sense that such a thing has no place in roleplay. Roleplaying involves acting realistically and pretending that the game is the real world for their characters.

If a player in GTA 5 RP kills another player for absolutely no reason or a reason that would be deemed vague and insufficient, it would be considered deathmatching, and the player could face a ban.

5) Fear RP

Most servers make it mandatory for players to roleplay fear in situations where they would fear for their lives in real life as well. For example, pointing a gun at someone would force them to obey the player and vice versa. This rule is maintained because the lack of fear RP could be chaotic and hinder roleplay.

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However, as a lot of players have complained, this is not what always happens in real life, and it may be one of the less realistic aspects of GTA 5 RP. In real life, people can do a lot of things when the fight or flight response kicks in, and a lot of people choose the former. In GTA 5 RP, a player is not allowed to fight back at all, choosing instead to always comply.

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